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General chat / Someone has made a HUGE comeback
« on: 2010-02-26, 14:00:14 »
Ok Bjorg - whats going on?
Not only are you using your own name - you have started a THANE! Omg...he just can't get enough of that sucky class  :eek6:

This is from today - hard evidence.

General chat / Svea Ulvar, the kind guild
« on: 2004-03-03, 23:18:10 »
Was looking for some questinfo at Warcry, Burning Realm, and guess what? I found this: SU Pryd or US somewhere?

"Author: Raisha(Midgard/Tristan), Khalua, Mithrax, Hypo, Jelach
Author's Comments: I like doing quests, and I rather had fun doing this one. The story was fairly entertaining. It will take a bit of doing to get to where you can do the quest (I think there are something like 3 or 4 prereq quests), but if you've already done Gudlor's quests, you're set. However, I will say that the xp given seems a bit low for all the hassle of fighting across frontier areas. I would like to give my great thanks to my guildies in Fenris - especially Pecia, Stabbed, Zhyntia, Izeodora, Mizferac, Rasp, Norla, Svigdid, Torym, Iamposthuman, Slicin and Gridnan for running around with me. I would also like to thank Svea Ulvar for giving us an escort across Emain without which we might never have seen Cruachan Gorge! "

Maybe old news, but worth a bump imo.

Good job SU :)

Here's 1.62I, which has some notes about Respecs, scheduling, and other bug fixes and updades. If testing goes well the rest of the week, we'll take 1.62 live on Wednesday the 28th. We'll make an announcement here on the Herald if that date changes.

Here's 1.62I, which has some notes about Respecs, scheduling, and other bug fixes and updades. If testing goes well the rest of the week, we'll take 1.62 live on Wednesday the 28th. We'll make an announcement here on the Herald if that date changes.


Dark Age of Camelot

Test Version 1.62i Release Notes


Today's version is the last scheduled Pendragon update to 1.62. We'll keep the version up on Pendragon until after the holiday weekend (Memorial Day here in the States) and keep an eye on it for additional needed bugs and tweaks. If everything goes well, and nothing new pops up, we'll take 1.62 live on Wednesday the 28th.

1.62 started out development as a "Hibernia class update", but obviously it has mushroomed to be much more than that. We've substantially updated/tweaked light tanks, pet classes, archers, and made many more changes to other classes such as the Animist, Spiritmaster, Valewalker, Eldritch and many more.


Because 1.62 has so many sweeping changes to so many classes, we are designating this a "class balance patch" and will be granting single line respecs to everyone in the game (level 5 and above) regardless of class or Realm. In the future, when we do a major "class balance patch" such as this one (and designate it as such), we'll adhere to this new policy of giving out single line respecs.

Things to remember when using this type of "gift" single line respecs:

- YOU WILL NOT BE GIVEN THE RESPEC IF if you already have 2 unused single respecs, or if your character has a full respec that you haven't used.

- THE RESPEC WILL BE STRIPPED FROM YOUR CHARACTER if you do not use it before the next time you level. If you want to use the respec, use it immediately after logging in; otherwise you risk leveling and losing the respec.

All Assassin classes in 1.62 who had the See Hidden Realm Ability will have that ability stripped from their character and have the points invested in it returned to them, for use in specializing in any other Realm Abilities they wish (including re-investing in See Hidden if they so choose).


- We have removed the ability for Celts to become Nightshades, at least for the time being, while we assess the consequences of this change. We may re-implement Celt Nightshades in a future patch, but it won't go live in 1.62. This was removed based on testing feedback that showed the Celt Nightshades may have a distinct advantage in RvR over Lurikeen and Elven Nightshades due to their inherently greater strength. It was not our intent to redefine the class based on a new race/class combo.


- Many spell icons were set incorrectly - we've scrubbed through all of them and made many fixes and adjustments.

- You can use now the "/level" command only in cities.

- Monsters should no longer target a necromancer in shade mode after the pet has been rooted.

- There was a bug when repairing an object directly from the trade window would display a timer bar with a "flashing" indicator bar. Now, repairing in the trade window should no longer give any repair timer bar - repair is instant, so no bar is needed.

- Specialization will now adjust the amount healed in heal over time spells.

- There was a bug on the PvP servers where some Bard pulsing songs would not take effect because of the immunity timer. This has been fixed.

- Alliances on the Co-Op server (Gaheris) will no longer be reset every time a new patch is launched.


Hibernia Quests

- Season of Remorse - Irksa, in Howth, has been asking for a brave soul to help rescue some noble empyreans.

Midgard Quests

- Dying wish and Burning Realm - Gudlor, in Huginfell, is seeking adventurers to help defend the realm.

Item Notes

- The Sword of the Fiery Heart (Midgard) now has stat increases.


Item Notes

- The Ring of Tangled Vines (Hibernia) now has a use timer and can be recharged.

- The following weapons from Tuscaran Glacier can now be dyed: Tuscarian Runewalkers Staff, Tuscarian Soul-tethering Staff, Tuscarian Nifl-tethered Staff, Tuscarian Soul-wrenchers Staff, Tuscarian Bonesplitters Staff, Tuscarian Bonewalkers Staff, and Tuscarian Shadow-tethered Staff.


Dark Age of Camelot

Test Version 1.62h Release Notes



- /leveled characters can no longer autotrain for the levels gained using /level.

- Level requirements for Battlefields now check by experience rather than level setting. This means that /leveled characters can not level themselves up to 30 in a level 15 battlefield - they won't be able to enter at all.

- /Setwho trade should be displaying properly again

- Rapid fire and Critical Shot now both use line-of-sight checks. Note that neither of these abilities will be set to automatically release when you activate them - you'll need to hit the key for that like a standard shot, longshot, or volley.

- All Penetrating Arrow shots now will pierce AND remove non self bladeturns AND do the modified damage (50, 75 or 100% depending on the level). This change was made to ensure that Archers could remove bladeturn on at least some targets so that they could then do normal arrow damage against them.

- When salvaging cloth items, Clothworking will be checked now instead of Tailoring.

- You should now be able to delve items in your vault.

- If you had any items from your backpack on your quickbar (poisions, potions, etc) the quickbar icons would be deleted whenever you traded with another player. This is now fixed and the icons should remain on the quickbar and still point to the correct items in your backpack.

- You can now /face your pets.

- If you were far enough away from your pet for a long enough duration, sometimes your pet window would pick up another creature in the zone and start displaying its health. This will no longer happen -- if you are too far away from your pet for too long, the pet's health meter will now disappear completely. When you move back in range of your pet, the health meter will reappear with the correct information.

- (SI Only) Stealthed characters will be drawn correctly now, fixing a Pendragon-only bug that would cause them to have visible faces. Stealth should draw the same as it does on live servers.

- The hotkeys for "Self-Craft" and "Sprint" are now correct. (This fixes a Pendragon only bug where they were reversed).

- (SI Only) Fixed a bug that was causing player hair/head textures to be drawn incorrectly on ATI Radeon 9000+ cards.

- (SI Only) The new Battlegrounds, Abermenai (BG0), should now have a splash screen picture when you are entering the zone.

- (Classic Only) The new role-play clothes should now look correct on the Classic Client.

- (Classic Only) /clock should now work on Classic Client


Mentalist Changes

- Adjusted the costs of the Curative Trance. The new costs are:

10 Curative Trance 18
21 Restorative Trance 34
32 Healing Trance 47
43 Sanative Trance 58

Bonedancer Changes

- The Bone Spurs line should now have the proper range set.

General Changes

- For casters with concentration points, when you level, your concentration pool is now properly updated.

- When you level, if your strength increases, your encumberance will properly increase.


Epic zones revisited

In a continuing effort to revitalize under-utilized areas of the game, we have revisited the three zones that contain the original dragons. After evaluating all three, we are adding new AI for all the existing named mobs to increase the variety of encounters in the zone, and tweaking the Dartmoor and Sheeroe Hills zones so they will hopefully have as much appeal for players in those realms as Malmohus has for Midgard players. In order to do this, we have decreased the scout range of all scout mobs in each zone. This should allow players to navigate the zone easier and lower the chances of having mobs aggro from distances that are too far for players to deal with. We have also lowered the spawn times of some generators that were spawning faster than players were able to reliably deal with.

Additionally, all three dragons have had their damage on one of their two breath spells greatly lowered.

Pendragon only note - We have tuned the NPC's who award equipment to newly levelled characters. With the /level command, a system has been added to equip the newly high leveled characters with some base equipment. The items in this system can be obtained multiple times if necessary. The following NPC's can assist you:

Camelot: Hadreth, Assistant Wells, Galaris Pritchard, and Lucia Pritchard.
Tir na Nog: Carraent, Aetheonyc, Rhyryn, Gwucyn, Somyr, and Caryan
Jordheim: Gair and Kelleher

General Quest Notes

- There are rumors of a strange sickness spreading through the capital cities of all the realms. The city guards claim these rumors are untrue, yet word around the inns claims otherwise. Those interested in the truth should inquire there.

- Item drops for the Level 20+ bounty quests should now all be stackable. The quest NPC's will only take one item at a time, so players will need to unstack the items in order to turn them in.

Monster Notes

- All monsters whose names begin with a vowel should now use the article 'an' instead of 'a'.

Albion Monsters

- The Rock Giant Wizards and Shamans in the Albion frontier are now correctly set to uncharmable.

Hibernia Monsters

- The Troglodytes and Thorg in Treibh Caillte have been correctly set to type "humanoid".

- The Amalgamate Parthanan's should now spawn correctly.

Items Notes

- Future drops of the Shadowsilk Gloves, Shadowsilk Vest, Shadowsilk Pants, Elven Gossamer Gloves, Elven Gossamer Vest, and Elven Gossamer Sleeves (all from Hibernia) should be the correct level for the mobs from which those items drop. Players who already own those items will need to go out adventuring to replace those items, as the field changed will not automatically update on existing items.

- A focus of deathsight has been added to the Mortal Coil Scrying Staff (Albion).

- The Lifeblinder staff (Albion) has been replaced with a new staff called Staff of the Lifeblinder. The Lifeblinder staves already in existence will remain unchanged, but will no longer drop. The new version of the staff has a focus added in place of one of the bonuses from the original Lifeblinder.

- Particle effects have been added to the Flesh Stretched Riddle Staff, Mortal Coil Scrying Staff, the old version of the Lifeblinder staff, and the new Staff of the Lifeblinder (all in Albion).

- The cloth version of the Sleeves of Buri (Midgard) should now look like cloth armor and can be dyed with cloth dye.

- The Wretched Skin Robe (Albion) should salvage for the proper amount.

- The Heavy Bastard Sword (Hibernia) should no longer appear to have a proc in delve info.

- The items in Dartmoor, Sheeroe Hills, and Malmohus have been upgraded to Shrouded Isles standards in bonus points, except for the dragon-specific loot. All items changed were increased in items bonusses were lowered.

- The Njessi Carved Fang (Midgard) should now require sword skill instead of two-handed.

- The Lucent Spirit Helm (Hibernia) no longer increases strength twice. Instead, one of the strength entries is now dexterity.

- The Omni Enchanted Cap and Omni Enchanted Boots (Hibernia) should now be named properly for the slot in which they equip.

- Blessed Loki Boots (Midgard) should now salvage properly.


Bounty Quest Notes

- All SI Bounty quest items have been changed to sellable and stackable. The maximum stack is 15. NPCs will not take an entire stack. You will need to unstack and give bounty items one at a time.

Albion Quests

- Free the Rogue - we have made some significant changes to this quest to make it easier for players to lure Mercal from his hiding place. Also, players no longer need to accompany Mercal on his return to town, he will meet you there.

Hibernia Quests

- Fylara's Armor - In response to player concerns about the long wait for broodmothers, we have decreased the wait time between broodmother spawns.

Dungeon Notes

- Trollheim: A bug in 'The Rift' encounter in Trollheim that did not allow The Rift monster to give experience or drop loot has been fixed. (Note - This has been fixed by a read file to all live servers, as well.)

- Trollheim: Bring a friend problems where monsters would attack from below or above a room have been reduced.

- Tuscaren Glacier: Several bugs with the Icelord Skuf and Steinvor encounter have been fixed. Steinvor's seers should now work better. Both Steinvor's and Skuf's magical abilities should now work better.

Albion Monster Notes

- Caer Sidi: Lich Lord Ilron should no longer reset his encounter when he is not supposed to.

- Caer Sidi: The Apocalypse encounter should no longer stall and be unable to restart after a failed attempt.

- Players releasing to the bindstone at Wearyall Hill are less likely to be attacked by monsters around the bindstone.

- Haunted appletree seedlings will be longer be given as kill tasks.

- The amount of time before Xanxicar's lair (The Crystal Cave) fills with lightning has been increased.

Midgard Monsters

- Iarnvidiurs Lair: Hurjavelen will no longer BAF with the other mobs in it's area.

- Aegir's Landing: The Morvalt that join Gormor and his lieutenants in their disease attack on Dyrfjell will no longer linger outside of the town after their leaders have left or been killed.

Hibernia Monsters

- The difficulty of the final Galladoria encounter has been lowered.

Items Notes

- The Medallion of Albion (one of the rewards in the Secret Orders quest in Albion) has been changed. There will be NO TURN IN NPC for this quest. Don't look for one. Your item will simply update by itself.

- Palifan should no longer be dropping crossbows with longbow skill increases.

- The Disembodied Gauntlets (Albion) now increase the slash skill instead of sword.

- Gazsi's Friendship Staff (Midgard) can now be salvaged.

- Herbalist's Tunic of Power (Midgard) can now be salvaged.

- The Trident of Soulless Lament (Midgard) can now be dyed with the weapon enamels from Tuscaran Glacier.

- The Ring of Shadows (Albion) should now have the icon of a ring instead of a gem.

- The Morvalt Forced March Ring (Midgard) will now fit in the ring slot as intended.


- Free gear for the /level 20 and 30 characters is now set to no-trade.

News from Norrsken Alliance / 1.62f
« on: 2003-05-06, 10:38:01 »

As mentioned in the 1.62e test patch notes, we have modified how the See Hidden ability interacts with Archer classes. We've varied the range that an assassin can see a non camouflaged hidden archer anywhere from 1/4 to 3/4 of the current range depending on the archer's stealth spec vs the assassin's level. On average this means that an assassin will have to be within about 1/2 the range that he can see the archer from compared to how the system works currently on the live servers."

What does this mean? That the range we (assassins with SH) is being reduced to 1/ - 3/4 of today? Today there seems to be no limit to that, just clipping range.

I for one think it's ok, but it does not matter that much for the archer i assume.

News from Norrsken Alliance / New cool alb epics
« on: 2003-04-25, 14:27:28 »
When dinging RR 10 in Albion, they get a new skin and a new cool Epic outfit. Check it out.


Dark Age of Camelot

Version 1.59c Test Release Notes

Monday, January 20, 2003



- Previously, when you /assisted someone, you would target them but your targeting/summary window would not immediately update to reflect it. This has been fixed and it will now update as soon as you target them.

- Clicking on the pet's name in the pet window will now target it again. This fixes a Pendragon only bug introduced in 1.59a that would issue the "Come Here" command if you clicked on the name.

- There was a problem where, when moving stacks of objects, sometimes the quantity designated was not calculated, and only one object in the stack was moved. We fixed, this and now, if you drop a stack on the icon square, it will bring up the stack splitter dialog. Also, if you drop a stack on the text area (next to the icon, where the item name is displayed) it moves the whole stack without asking you. This will allow you to move stacks without any extra clicks.

- Previously, when you make a macro with %T, and have yourself targeted, the macro always returned , for your own name. This has been fixed.

- There was a bug where the command window would not function after you selected someone's name on the looking for group window. This has been fixed.


You may now buy multiple items at once

With the merchant dialog open, select an item and Shift-LeftClick on the "BUY" button. It will open a window that allows you to select how many of the item you would like to purchase. LeftClicking the left and right arrows on this dialog increases/decreases the amount by 1, Shift-LeftClicking on the left and right arrows increases/decreases the amount by 10.

If you click on an item's icon in the merchant window, so that the icon of the item you want to purchase is attached to your mouse cursor, you can use the slash command "/mbuy #" where # is the number (from 1 to 100) that you would like to purchase.

This will allow you to macro exact quantities onto your quickbar: eg: /macro BUY50 /mbuy 50

NOTE: Buying multiple items is the same as if you selected the item and clicked "buy" X times. This means that if you are buy 10 of an item that is already stacked in stacks of 10, you are buying 100 total items.


Thane Changes

- Removed recast timer from Thor's Minor Bolt line. This is consistent with the Call Mjolnir line, which also doesn't have a recast timer.

- Changed Thor's Vigor line from a Strength only to Strength/Constitution buff.


Hibernia Quests

- The "Famine" one-time drop is now do-able by necromancers.

Realm v. Realm - Frontier Keeps

- We have modified the spawn of the guard patrols as well as modified the area these patrols cover. The patrols closest to enemy portal keeps have been reduced in number and the area they patrol has been reduced as well. Patrols closest to the border keeps have been increased in number.

Midgard Monsters

- The monsters that have taken control of Grallarhorn Faste on Gaheris have become stronger.


- We have added additional camps of higher level mobs for players to hunt at each keep so they can take advantage of the keep experience bonus for claiming a keep.



- Albion: Ariach's Purged Staff is now correctly set as a two-handed weapon.

Unique Item Generator

In the expansion areas and certain dungeons the Unique Item generator is used. Areas that use these see more treasure drops on average than old areas of the game. We had not altered the salvage on the objects to compensate for that fact. The base objects for the Random Item Generator now have a consistent salvage value and are now broken down by size.

Small items - small weapons, small shields, boots and gauntlets.

Medium items - medium sized weapons, medium shields sleeves and helms.

Large items - large weapons, large shields, leggings and chestpieces.

Metal / Strips / Ore Wood / Leather Cloth
S 5 12 18
M 10 24 36
L 15 36 54

Epic Dungeon Item Notes

The second pass through the epic dungeons is done. The following changes were made to improve the risk vs. reward in Caer Sidi, Tuscarian caves, and Galadoria.

- The class set armor pieces are now all level 51.

- The reactive procs on those pieces were upgraded.

- Many items received increased bonuses.

- Salvage was heavily reduced in these dungeons.

-Luckton Archanoram, News Junkie/Moderator of the Catacombs

RvR / Fusk?
« on: 2002-12-02, 01:47:54 »
Stod vid AMG stealthad. Ut kommer 4-5 albar. Kutar rakt fram, viker av 90 grader, osså börjar dom hugga på mig.

Kan ju iofs varit en Scout med TS i närheten, men det där med 90 grader störde mig så inni helvete. För det var dead on me. Ingen letning. För de som kom var ingen av dem Scout.

Vet att Stinko råkade ut för en liknande grej. Iaf var det en illluktande grej det där.

RvR / Emain 30/11
« on: 2002-11-30, 03:56:24 »
Ville bara säga till Kedaran att det var bra jobbat att ta kommandot o styra upp taktik när ingen av oss andra orkade. Gav resultat oxå.

Nicely done Ked :)

(Höll på glömma alla andra som var med o spelade så bra...sorry)

News from Norrsken Alliance / PvP Gorre
« on: 2002-11-07, 17:37:36 »
Gorre is up.

Try it. Protect your names (someone could give you a bad reputation)

News from Norrsken Alliance / Var?
« on: 2002-11-07, 01:31:46 »
Var skriver man för att såga den nya patchen?

Är det Rightnow eller?

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