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ESO - Public / Expa tillsammans Tisdag kväll?
« on: 2014-03-31, 11:46:36 »
Ni med 3 dagars headstart. Ska vi samlas imorgon kväll o köra lite tillsammans?

Själv så letar man upp alla de stora QQ ungarna och rapporterar deras poster på SWTORs forum  :p

Public Section / MOVED: Nåt som inte stämmer här...
« on: 2009-05-01, 19:34:52 »

Public Section / Leveling W.A.R style
« on: 2008-09-13, 10:45:53 »
So, I did one last Beta test this morning before the beta ended.

I had a dream and wanted to test it out

I made a Bright Wizzard, logged in picked up the Scenario "BG" quest like 15meters from where u start, its like that in almost every starting zone, and Quede up for the Scenario.

After much less then an hour i was R6 and RR7 with fully RR gear avalible and coin to spare.

Basicly what you do is after each time u completed a scenario you pick up the quest again, so you dont acctually have to move from the quest giver, anytime u lvl or want to buy new gear you go the 10 meters to the merchant/trainer then cue up again.

This will give you awsome stuff/xp/money/renown even if u lose the scenario, but the reeeeeally good thing is when you win..., man its crazy the amount om xp/renown you get.

So how to win a scenario?
Well the random groups you get put in can be great or just... well full of brainless 10 year olds =P
So join in as a premade group, no need for more then 3-4 people, let the "mob" go their way, normaly towards the first OB, and your group heads for the OB closest to the enemies base. Wait until the enemies have run past it, I never noticed a single player turn his camera around.
This will almost everytime end up in your group taking that point whilst the zergs from both sides fights about the middle, and after awhile the enemies forces will be forced to focus on the point closest at home, then you bring ure forces back and focus on keeping the other points secured, let your zerg stay at the enemies base if they want.

So how do we do this then?
Well when we are all logged in, we make parties, I didnt have the chance to see if it is possible to make parties across realms, otherwise its probbably pretty certain their will be atleast 1 if not 2 SoulCrushers the same race as you. And just start pawning.
If it works to create parties cross realms, then this is so crazy awsome its not even funny
We make the party, or warband, then everyone cues up for the scenario at their realm, remember to click join as group, and as soon as one is avalible we join that one, then once finsihed we rince and repeat.

I will as soon as headstart begins run to my second chapter and pick up salveging and talisman making and basicly just train that and make talismans for all of you, the RR gear have 1-2 slots per item.

Anyone finds this a fun way to do things?
Ofcourse this dosnt mean we oooonly need to do this, I for one will still do public quests for influence in each chapter and lootbags, I so need the rewards for talisman making =P

General chat / W.A.R Drifters ppl write here
« on: 2008-09-11, 10:38:08 »
For all you Drifters people that are coming with me(Mani) and Drfrau write here for access.

Public Section / WAR vs WoW pictures
« on: 2007-09-07, 14:43:56 »
Anyone who says WAR = WoW again I will kill :(
Remember these WAR pics are before newest graphic updates

Public Section / W.A.R Movie site
« on: 2007-08-19, 10:10:34 »
Here you can find lots of W.A.R movies

Public Section / Magus AEskill vid
« on: 2007-08-13, 13:07:54 »
För er som älskar AE

Public Section / Almost all W.A.R videos available!
« on: 2007-06-01, 13:19:04 »
Our friends over att warhammer alliance have made a thread listing all videos that are released. Have a looksie

Public Section / Race/class information
« on: 2007-04-26, 16:41:24 »
Here you will see the information that has been released so far about the different races and classes

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