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[23-12-2005] The Camelot Reporter
« on: 2005-12-24, 12:55:19 »
Despite the incoming holiday season the new servers are bustling with activity, with a rush expected on the housing lots. The other servers are preparing for the Winter Solstice celebrations, while some new rumours are being heard : they say King Lugh might come back to Hibernia, and in Midgard they talk about naming a King… We are talking of course of the upcoming Darkness Rising expansion we are working on, and for which our official site has just been released. We will go bring you more details on this expansion in the January editions of the Reporter.
Also in the news this week, a "unofficial" tip that is already being used despite not being fully developed yet, enabling special macros for specific objects.

New website dedicated to Darkness Rising

The website dedicated to Darkness Rising has been online since yesterday, and includes the latest trailer that will give you a glimpse of what awaits you on the 1st of February. If you haven't visited it yet, just click here.

Some additional information on Classic servers

Glastonbury and Salisbury are by far the most busy servers, with such a success that in the evenings and on the weekends their maximum capacity is often reached, even though it has been extended to 3600 players. As with any launch of a new server, some of you may have to try and log in several times before being able to enter the server.
However we cannot increase the maximum capacity of the servers again without risking a degradation of the game experience, and a new server would not have enough players. We are of course aware that some of you may be disappointed at not always being able to connect to these new servers immediately. Note that this situation is also due to some situations of abuse, when certain players stay connected even if they are not playing, thus creating a vicious circle that prevents a normal regulation of the population of these servers. We would thus like to remind you of some parts of the Rules of Conduct :
All the actions of your characters have to be done by you while physically present in front of your computer. The use of tools (hardware of software) to enable your character to act when you are not here in order to stay connected to the server is likened to the use of third party tools, even if the intention is not to cheat but just to be certain to keep a place on the server. This behaviour prevents other players to connect normally, so the characters will be booted off the server when identified, and the player will receive as a sanction a suspension for disturbing the game experience of the other players. Keep also in mind that these actions can be detected at a later stage, and that the Community Managers only need a complaint from a player to start an enquiry and find some proofs.

Decrease of lot prices in the housing zones of Glastonbury and Salisbury

As announced during the release of the Classic servers, the purchase price of housing lots is going to begin decreasing 3 weeks after the servers opened, on the Wednesday 28th of December. The initial price of 93 platinum pieces will decrease of 500 gold per hour until it reaches a minimum of 300 gold one week later. Who will be the first to be tempted by the best lots ?

The new features of version 1.79

Now that you already know the contents of Darkness Rising, which corresponds to version 1.80, note that you will also benefit from the improvements of version 1.79 on the 1st of February as well. These changes are quite important, as they were called "epic revisions" and impact both the epic quests, which have been completely revised, and epic armour.
Epic quests now start at level 5, continue every 5 levels and are more diverse than the previous versions. Some will lead you to instanced zones, some will require a group to be completed. This will notably be the case at the end of the quest, which will be the same for all classes.
The reward items have been modified too, mainly the epic armours obtained during the level 45 quest. They are all level 51 and have now better bonuses, increasing for instance the mana cap or other attributes, and offer more efficient charges and spells. Some have even been graphically revamped, as you can see below.

Blademaster & minstrel

Sorceress & Thane

These new armour pieces, just like artifacts, will not lose durability anymore when repaired. However you will not be able to give them to other players.
You will be able to get the new epic armour even if you already have the old one. To do so you will have to accept a quest from your trainer, that will enable you to get directly to the 30th level step, so that you only have the last ones to complete.

What becomes of artefacts in version 1.81
Those who have consulted the release notes for 1.81 on the Camelot Herald already know that artifacts will be directly obtained from the sages, and not during the encounter itself. You will only need to validate the encounter and obtain the corresponding scrolls to receive the artifact activated at level 0 in exchange.
Unactivated artifacts that you can presently obtain, and which are often vaulted or sold on a consignment merchant, will thus be useless. In order not to penalize the players who were selling artifacts on the US servers, Mythic had created a system to calculate the average price of these artefacts, based on player prices just before the release of the new version. Therefore, since 1.81 they can sell these useless artifacts they had stocked at this average price. This system was of course only possible because the American players had not been informed beforehand of the artifact system changes. Some players seem to think that this will be applied on the European servers too, so they are currently selling their artifacts at very high prices, hoping to artificially increase the average price, and are trying to acquire a lot of them.
Therefore we want to inform you that we will not apply the same system as the US servers, and that it is useless to try and get as many artifacts as possible, and to put them on sale at enormous prices.

Fixes of the week

  The voices from Midgard will not be heard in Stonehenge anymore
  Shamans and Healers can now receive their rewards when completing the quests "Truce or Treachery ?" and "Broken Promises"
  It is no longer possible to exploit a bug related to the ground invocation of Astral cloaks (except for classic servers)

Background point : Solstice celebrations

A favoured moment in all three realms, the end of the year is the time of the great Winter Solstice celebrations when the days start to get longer. Every realm honours its gods and follows its rituals, but none forget the enemy menace.

The preparations of the festivities are under way, in a mixed atmosphere of celebration and suspicion. The excavated treasures hidden in the catacombs have boosted the finances of each realm, to the point that crafters have to refuse additional work as they are busy finishing their latest orders.
Here and there people gossip about unprocurable materials, scarce manpower and work orders refused. As always in time of crisis, it is certainly possible for some resourceful adventurers to take advantage of this situation, if they find the right person to talk to…
Some villages serve as gathering points for the numerous merchants bringing the usual goods for the festivities. The main crossroads of their trade are Ludlow, Vasudheim or Tir na Mbeo, where the villagers are busy preparing the celebrations.

As every year, we propose you a small atmosphere event for Christmas, but the more cunning amongst you may also discover some new surprises, notably around Cotswold, Mularn or Mag Mell…

Tip of the week
Macros to use objects and artifacts
This week we present you a tip given by Mythic last week, in order to put on an equal footing the people who read the Camelot Herald and the others. This feature, found by a German player, is still under development but is nonetheless partly working. As it has not been completed yet, we only present it for your information. It will not work in every case with every artefact, and consequently we will provide no support regarding this feature until it is completed. You can thus use it if you wish, but you can't contact customer support about it until it has been officially presented in a release note.
The usual method to use an artifact or an object as a potion is to select it with a right click, then to type the /use command for the first power, and the /use2 command for the second one.
The quickest method is to place the artefact in the shortcut bar, and to use the keyboard shortcuts corresponding to the /use and /use2 commands : you then have to press the keyboard shortcut and then click on the artefact's icon in the shortcut bar.

The new method consists of creating macros, that will not have icons right now, only a name.

For the artifact's first power (/use), you need to create a macro using this method :
/macro [name of the macro or the power] /use 5 [location code of the Artefact]

- For the /use2 :
/macro [name of the macro or the power] /use2 5 [location code of the Artefact]

Once the macro is created, place the button in your shortcut bar. You now only have click on this button to activate the power of the artifact.

Give short or abbreviated names to your macros in order for them to be readable in the shortcut bar. Here are the location codes for the artifacts :

0 = right hand weapon
1 = left hand weapon
2 = two-handed weapon
3 = ranged weapon
10 = helm
11 = gloves
12 = boots
13 = jewel
14 = torso
15 = cloak
16 = legs
17 = arms
18 = necklace
21 = belt
22 = left bracer
23 = right bracer
24 = left ring
25 = right ring
40-47 = first inventory bag, top to bottom
48-55 = second inventory bag, top to bottom

Ex :
/macro Speed /use 5 10 to use the first power of the winged helm
/macro Elix /use 5 44 to use a strong elixir of power placed at the 5th position of the first bag of the inventory
/macro Kroj /use 5 24 to use the power of Krojer's ring
/macro Batt /use 5 2 for Battler
/macro Croco /use2 5 13 for the second power of Atlantis' tablet

See you in two weeks for the next Camelot Reporter, as the editorial staff will take some well deserved holidays for the Christmas season. We wish you a merry Christmas, and of course a lot of fun in game if you are on holiday.
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