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Epic armours
« on: 2002-08-09, 05:53:57 »
The lvl 50 thanes in SU now have their epic armour (completed late first night after patch). Thanks to Ottar and Primus (who got theirs as well) and BIG thanks to Trina who travelled all over Midgard for us =)

Too bad the armor looks...less than supercool (blueish-green things that reminds me of Mhaels old boots - ick). Oh well, better go dye it ;)

Next up for getting their epic armor is....???
(count us tanks in if you need help with last 2 steps)
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Epic armours
« Reply #1 on: 2002-08-10, 19:30:52 »
well im hopeing to get some help by any1 to get epic armor to grymfyr :/  at this stage all prolly already done epic and dont have any1 to do it with..... well ill be home tomorrow at 15.00...
u think i can do epic alone or if some1 help me within 4 hours before prince raid,,,, :/ ?

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Epic armours
« Reply #2 on: 2002-08-10, 23:47:22 »
well i will of course helo you grym...just call me when you want to start since im likely to be sleeping:) i did the last part of skald epic with dunderklumpen...quite hard
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