Author Topic: Missing RIFT Plat? You’ve Been Hacked Say TRION  (Read 2804 times)

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Missing RIFT Plat? You’ve Been Hacked Say TRION
« on: 2011-03-17, 10:21:07 »

I have been following the missing plat issues quite closely on the official forums this week and the situation appears to be getting worse. More and more accounts are now being compromised by what appears to be gold selling , or in RIFT’s case, plat selling companies. This morning IncGamers guild member Nexaa logged on to find all his plat had been removed as well as other bits and pieces of kit, great way to start your 21st birthday. (Happy Birthday Nexaa!)

More and more posts are now starting to pop up on the official forums from players with missing money and quite a few are getting annoyed by the response time to the support tickets. According to players trying to get assistance, telephone support are unable to help so tickets have to be raised.  There are reports of tickets taking up to five days+ for a response, and while, this may be an exceptional in some cases, TRION now have a whole other issue to deal with, mass account hacking. If your account is rolled back to retrieve your gold and whatever else is missing you will also lose anything your character has gained during the rollback period.

Today TRION issued this official post in response but I think they should be responding with something a little more than a standard support response, the problem is getting worse.

    If you believe your Rift game account has been compromised in any way, please contact the Rift Support Team via our Support Center. We would also recommend that everyone review the official threads below about account security and protection, and related topics.

        * A Message from Trion Customer Support
        * Account Security Reminder
        * ATTENTION: Rift Account Phishing Scam
        * Protecting Your Account

    Thank you.

Account hacking is nothing new, and you have to protect your account as best you can. The frustrating fact is, most players are quite computer savvy so they will probably have some sort of protection on already so this is a problem that will not go away no matter how hard players try to protect themselves. The alternative is an authenticator similar to the ones used in  WoW, and while authenticators will offer an extra level of protection, they too are not full-proof.

Right now this account hacking issues appears to be gathering pace and TRION will have to step up the support speed or players will walk away at the end of the free month which will not be good for the game at all.  Players need to be very careful where they are web surfing to, the most innocent and reputable looking sites can serve all sorts of nasties into your browser which could ultimately grab all kinds of info from your PC. Follow no links from an email, always go to a browser and type in to logging in.  Be careful!
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