Author Topic: Nytt Projekt av Matthew Barlow (ex Iced Earth)  (Read 1724 times)

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Nytt Projekt av Matthew Barlow (ex Iced Earth)
« on: 2013-08-16, 23:45:25 »
Postade detta på ett annat metalforum vilkte givetvis är på engelska.
Eftersom jag är slö orkade jag inte översätta, så here goes liksom typ ba.

For any Iced Earth/Matthew Barlow fans out there...

 Barlow created Ashes of Ares and an ablum should see the day of light by the end of 2013. Official lyrical track:

 Could very well have been an Iced Earth track, albeit a bit dated.

 Joining him in the line-up is former IE bassist Freddie Vidales and Van Williams from Nevermore on drums.

 Being the Barlow-fanboi that I am this will be a given buy and hopefully it will be a tad more interesting then that above, musicwise that is. His damn vocals shines and sounds just as good as ever.

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Re: Nytt Projekt av Matthew Barlow (ex Iced Earth)
« Reply #1 on: 2013-08-18, 10:32:55 »
hmm hade ett par riktigt bra partier men i det stora hela vart det inte öronorgasm