Author Topic: Sorry! The administrator has specified that you can only do one search every 3 second  (Read 2710 times)

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Is it just me this happends to when i push the "view latest posts" ?

Sorry! The administrator has specified that you can only do one search every 3 seconds

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Dont search so often then? :)

View last post is a search... u prob double-clicked on the link or something.
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Hate it when i visit the forum and it says "you have xx unread posts etc" and you dont press "view" but just run the page in the background and when you later press the "view" button it says "there hasent been any new posts since your last visit"
And its reseted back to 0 posts :(
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have same problem as Acid ;(   but I guess some of the post are from member and officers forums I don't have access too ;p

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