Author Topic: New look of GOA DAoC Homesite  (Read 2475 times)

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New look of GOA DAoC Homesite
« Reply #1 on: 2004-10-26, 18:41:42 »
seemes they forgot the name of the midgard assassin class and simply call it assassin... well its nothing important, who the hell pay money to play those anyway? =P

user manual , Part Three : The Realms

"House of Loki : Assassin

God : Loki, god of schemes. A deathly blade in the night, the Assassin sneaks from shadow to shadow and brings death without a sound. With his natural stealth and the gifts of Loki, he is a deadly killer with no sense of honor. He can use two axes at the same time and can also train to use swords. He can hide and strike with great power. He compensates the low protection of his leather armor with his natural capacity to dodge hits. Trolls and dwarves disapprove such treacherous methods. Few Norsemen are seduced by this career but many a Kobold completely adheres to it."
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